CMR develops
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Improve your engine performance

CMR Group started its activity in 1959 by carrying out ship maintenance in the port of Marseille. For more than 60 years, we have built up the loyalty of our customers in the energy, marine and industrial sectors by guaranteeing them our quality of service in the technical assistance and maintenance of their installations. This is a major asset in our customer relationship.

Today, our industrial maintenance offer integrates digital solutions that combine automation, intelligent sensors, cloud infrastructure and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to provide our customers with "augmented" automation systems, coupled with intelligent software solutions capable of analyzing and diagnosing problems before they occur. 

Indeed, our Predictive Maintenance solution allows you to continuously examine the operating conditions of the equipment in a facility and anticipate their maintenance needs in order to achieve optimal performance and avoid any failure.

Data analysis, at the heart of the solution

Our Predictive Maintenance solution uses the PRiSM software platform, which integrates digital models of equipment and machines. These models, driven by "machine-learning" algorithms, will continuously monitor the operating criteria of a piece of equipment, learn the different behaviors of a piece of equipment based on historical data and predict the occurrence of a failure as soon as a deviation in the measurement of a criterion occurs.

The operator of the industrial installation can then target maintenance interventions and avoid any equipment defect.

CMR Group has recently implemented this solution at a customer operating a diesel power plant in the Philippines. We have developed a digital model of diesel engines, based on certain operating criteria such as vibrations on the shaft line, or the temperatures and pressures of the engine cylinders. Our Predictive Maintenance solution has highlighted certain deviations that would have led to the shutdown of diesel engines. This should enable our customer to reduce unscheduled shutdowns by 25% and maintenance costs by 30%.

The recent period of restrictions (quarantine period, difficulties to intervene on a site...) has shown that the adoption by operators of predictive maintenance and remote monitoring solutions allows them to ensure the continuity of operation of their installation.

By its experience, CMR Group is the partner who will accompany you towards a digital transition in the management and piloting of your installations.

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